A sharing of the findings from an explorative research project by Becky Johnson and myself.

EXHIBIT explores the relationship between movement and art and how each can feed the other in direction for creation.

We work using each other as a score to create, using the other's art form as direct instruction on how to produce.

EXHIBIT involved in a residency and performance at Sull Space, Cardiff.

EXHIBIT B differs in instruction, in which I was given the choice to follow (EXHIBIT) or to respond to the score or neither: creative choice become integral for a true understanding of the score.
EXHIBIT B performed for IAFT 19/20 Tokyo:Cardiff at TactileBosch Lounge.

EXHIBIT also took part at Dewsbury's "Not-The-Fringe Festival" 2020 as a video recording of the performance, filmed in lockdown by Julia Spencer.

Photos by Shako Safari


The exhibition documented the daily stages of development of our residency, with an added soundscape echoeing around the space as an access resource that played out our recorded conversations of our explorations.

We alternated the two live performances in which we switched our role as a score for the other to follow.

After the sharing, we gathered feedback from the viewers during the Q&A circle.

All artworks are made with chalks and pastels on large window blinds and poster paper.

Exhibit b

Photos by Calum Noakes

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