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pART of Pontypridd is the graduate art trail made in May 2019 by the USW Creative and Therapeutic Arts course in collaboration with the businesses and community of Pontypridd.

The installation "Experiential Forest of Objects" was exhibited in an alleyway of the town within a two month process.

The audio is an access resource that I made by recording the sounds of the space.

This was made to provide the same experience of the artwork to whoever might be sight impaired.

The sounds include: pigeons, steps, shutters, wind, chats to donors, shouting for donations, tiles & materials collected broken.

Experiential Forest of Objects



I wanted to physically integrate the community of Pontypridd into my art, so I asked them to donate objects to contribute for the final piece.


Every Tuesday morning for two months I stood in Pontypridd high street asking for object donations and getting to know the people living and working there.

I documented the people that donated to the cause by drawing a portrait of them everyday.