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PLENUM, a residency at Polarity/Gentileza, Cardiff (2019).

Plenum scientifically means "Matter in space", which I translated into "exploring what matters to me and echoing it in the space through shapes and colours".

The exhibition had an opening night and a closing night with a celebratory performance jam, inviting poets, artists and musicians to respond to the space through their own medium.

Poster made by Ruth Hogger.

Plenum was an opportunity to leave my trace in a space with free reigns.

I wanted to create a space that represented the values of the venue as well as my own: gentileza, being gentle.

The theme was chosen after deciding on wanting to gift a welcoming space to the community, with the common thread of self-acceptance through our inner journey.

I painted multiple me's looking for myself in the space as a representation of the endless "searching for myself".



I painted all the walls, floor, stairs and ceiling, incorporating natural elements as well as recycled ones.

The "thinking tree" has corks on its trunk to add a sensory element to interact with, while having used wool rolls dangling from its' branches, resembling leaves.

The door was found in the streets of Cardiff and planted at the centre of the room. On one side it has a blossoming lady, while on the back it has an interactive question for viewers to answer to: "What matters to you?"

The ceiling was painted as a sky, with clouds made out of bubble wrap.

The stairs were made out of cardboard, taking you on a journey to the moon and sun by following the river.

The "awareness wave", written on the wall, are my steps for introspection: unconscious, interpretation, things that happen to you, reaction, recognition, choice, reflection, reveal and always there.