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Repurposing objects, transforming everyday material. 

Abandoned objects fascinate me, which is why I collect them: to give them new meaning. 
I like to think that they find me rather than the other way round. I see them as lonely elements, therefore by taking them in, I'm allowing materials to live on beyond their expectation and become part of someone's life.

door series

"Door Series" is a serendipitous project that stumbled upon me on my daily walks in quarantine. 
Every household was redoing their house, so I'd find many doors in the streets or in the skips.

They became my large scale canvases to work upon: the doors reminded me that even though we may have been locked in at the time, the doors would have re-opened again.

windows and mirrors

Windows and mirrors offer me different outlooks, depending on how they are used. These objects were disregarded, even though in my eyes they still had so much to say.

Mirrors challenged me to observe myself non-judgmentally, to paint exactly what was reflected without internalised distortions.

The windows are an ongoing project for an outdoor art trail. Each one is dedicated to a different fruit and will be exhibited by being hung from a tree.